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Pioneering structured finance since 1990.

Patenting computational technologies since 1999.


Pioneers in the Origination of Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities

Scott Smith and Jerry Verbeck pioneered commercial mortgage-backed securities on Wall Street, introducing derivatives as a means of making the securities viable. Their groundbreaking collaboration with DLJ in 1993, funded with a billion dollar line of credit, produced the world’s first mixed-property CMBS, giving them insight into the role that structured finance would play in private equity.

FinaTech's Team


FinaTech was founded by Scott and Jerry to develop and patent the computation technology necessary to originate and operate structured private equity funds and REITs. FinaTech's team first recognized the role that computational technology would play in modeling complex systems in 1999. The team has focused on computational technology ever since, including a number of special projects with DARPA.

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FinaTech's team includes a number of renowned computational experts, among them Kevin Howard, a co-inventor of FinaTech's IP, the inventor of TALPs, and a luminary in high performance parallelization and optimizing compute technology with dozens of patents to his name.

Christopher Smith, co-inventor of FinaTech’s  IP and a graduate from Stanford specializing in emerging technologies, helps tie the cash and data flows inherent in structured PE funds to computer work flows and computational analysis.

Matthew Macari, a partner in the law firm Skaar Ulbrich Macari, leads FinaTech's patent prosecution, overseeing the firm's claim strategy.


FinaTech's Legal Representation

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FinaTech's Board of Advisors

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J.C. Boggs is a partner at the firm of King and Spalding. Mr. Boggs advises FinaTech on regulatory and business development matters.

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